This space is intended to hold various fragments of my life, my thoughts and the inevitably insecure journey towards a PhD. It is for the exploration of

subjectivities, possibilities and desires

It is a precarious space, half formed, open to contestation, inevitably problematic at times. 

It is a space to juggle, disentangle and retie together who I am (or who I want to be) – part researcher, part counsellor, part human, part frightened child, part lion, part ‘survivor’, part uncertain. 

I call it the place between silence and noise because I hope it can be a space that speaks of things that often remain hidden, uninterrogated and silenced. I hope it can also be a space not only of ranting and raving – which are important activities in themselves- but also for facilitating difficult and necessary thoughts, conversations and reflections. 

This is mostly an exercise in self-indulgence but perhaps, accidentally, you will glean something useful from it.